A key management application for DKIM and DKIM Core email signing
A Qt binding for ZeroMQ
Querying Googles malware blacklist from the commandline.


A script to push DNS zones from a master powerdns server to tinydns slaves
A script to maintain reverse dns entries on a powerdns server
Setup a postgresql server on OS X for application QA, and easily reset it to a known state.


Poco documentation in Qt Assistant
Converting Poco documentation for use with Qt Assistant, giving keyword and full text search, tabbed browsing and other nice things.
Postgresql on OS X
Installing postgresql from source on OS X, including working readline and fat libraries
The sqlite schema used by is the main mail client on OS X. While it stores messages in a fairly simple one-message-per-file hashed directory tree most of the metadata about those messages - including which mailbox they are in - is stored solely in a sqlite database.
Writing documentation on OS X
Some tools for markdown based documentation, and some useful unicode magic for command key and option key symbols